Local Production, Global Reach.

It is time craft distillers start taking over the industry.

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We noticed craft distillers are having trouble growing outside their own region.

The cost of getting your drinks in new markets is extremely high.
Transport, insurance, import & export take up around 80% of all costs when working without one of the big distributors.

So why not work with one of the big distributors? Because it is nearly impossible to get them to care about you. Distributors get most of their business from working with the 'big-alcohol' industry, who are not interested in giving away market share to the craft distillers.

This is why most distilleries will never be able to sell their products outside their own regions.

We have a solution.


Portfolio Distilling

We cut out the need for transport, import, export and insurance cost.
Instead of shipping your bottles across the world, we have a network of distilleries that can produce your drink for you, locally.

Dramatic cut in transport, import, export, and insurance costs.

Global reach, instead of local reach, in terms of distribution.

iStill equipment ensures your product can be made anywhere in the world with less than 0.1% variance.

Portfolio distilleries on every continent.

All of these portfolio distilleries run the latest iStill equipment to ensure quality and consistency. iStill's innovative equipment makes it possible to time and time again produce the same spirit with less than 0.1% variance.

Partnership with global suppliers of substrates and botanicals.

In order to make the same spirit everywhere, you need to use the same substrates and botanicals everywhere. All of the global suppliers we use are certified by iStill And offer the highest quality substrates and botanicals.

No more sending bottles across the world.
Just send over the recipe.

  • We are setting-up Portfolio Distilleries on each continent.
  • Partnering up with global suppliers of substrates and botanicals.
  • All selected, approved, and certified by iStill.
  • To help you produce and distribute your spirits globally.
  • While cutting away transport, import, export, and insurance costs.

How it works

1. We create a template of your spirit in the iStill Headquarter, located near Amsterdam.

2. We upload your recipe to a portfolio distillery on another continent.

3. They will produce and help distribute your drinks.

4. This enhances their portfolio and your reach.

The portfolio distilling network provides a win-win situation.

It opens up new markets for your brand and it generates revenue for producing and distribution in your local market.

Different participation levels

tier 1

You have off-continent distribution but need off-continent production

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tier 2

You need off-continent production and distribution

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tier 3

You also want to produce locally for off-continent Craft Distillers

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tier 4

You want to produce and help distribute for other off-continent distillers

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Example 1
  • Belgium gin producer exports to China

  • But now has his gin produced on iStills in Hong Kong and Shanghai

  • Helping him with market access

  • 80% save on export, import, transport and insurance costs

Example 2
  • Irish distiller seeks USA East Coast distribution

  • And now produces on site in Boston (!)

  • 50% saving on export, import, transport and insurance

  • While negating potential trade war ramifications

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